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PCS Finance is a Management Rights Finance Specialist company that has built experience in the Management Rights industry constantly for the last thirteen years (versus a company that has only been involved in a few transactions over the last 12 months).

By speaking to PCS Finance prior to looking at properties, you will have an idea of your maximum borrowing capacity. You will then be in a strong position to purchase knowing your finance has been pre-approved subject to the banks’ standard lending conditions. This allows you to make an offer on a Management Rights business when you find it.

When you find a potential property, don’t hesitate to call PCS Finance to discuss the property and understand the fees, charges and ongoing interest costs.

When you are ready to place the loan application, PCS Finance will deal with the lenders available. There are eight banks that lend to the Management Rights industry. The benefit of working through PCS Finance is the best offer/loan structure for you will be evaluated by PCS Finance at no extra cost. PCS Finance is paid by the lender, not the client.

PCS Finance will explain how and why your loan has been structured and approved in a certain way. At this stage it is important to work with your Accountant and Solicitor to ensure the loan set-up will work hand-in-hand with the business structure set-up.


When you are ready to commence inspecting potential properties, contact a Management Rights property specialist in your area.

Property Brokers who specialise in Management Rights include:-


An Accountant specialising in Management Rights will evaluate the net operating profit by way of verifying the trust and general account transactions.  Accountants will also check the Form 6 agreements and any other relevant information in relation to the profitability of the business. This includes evaluating the actual income and operating expenses over the last 12 months.

The Accountant will also add value up-front by ensuring the business and loan set-up meets the criteria for tax deductibility. It is imperative that any loan documentation details the purpose of the borrowings in relation to the Management Rights business.

Accountants who specialise in Management Rights include:-


A Solicitor who has Management Rights experience will be beneficial to ensure the business structure set-up will benefit and protect the purchaser. If a partnership is developed, a Solicitor will ensure the Partnership Agreement is set-up correctly. Additionally, the agreement between the Body Corporate, a Silent Partner and the working Manager needs to be developed in fairness between all parties.

Solicitors who specialise in Management Rights include:-

Management & Letting Rights - Brisbane

Management & Letting Rights - Sunshine Coast

Management & Letting Rights - Gold Coast

Management & Letting Rights - Coral Coast

Management & Letting Rights - North QLD

Why Is PCS Finance The Market Leader

  • Management Rights Finance specialists
  • Sophisticated partnership structures (matching working and silent partners)
  • Multiple office locations for your convenience
  • Directors own management rights themselves
  • Excellent relationships with management and letting rights lenders
  • Corporate strategies for MLR operators
  • Consistent high rate of finance approvals
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