Management Rights Finance
Management Rights Finance


PCS Finance has been involved in setting up and financing partnership arrangements for the past 18 years.

PCS is by far the most experienced firm in this area and has developed structures that others commonly use. We also provide support, knowledge and systems that are not available elsewhere.

Please contact PCS if you are interested in becoming a Managing or Silent Partner in one of our projects. 

Our Managing and Silent partners have experienced income much higher than generally available. We should also point out, with any business venture there are risks, so it's important to understand the facts before making a decision and therefore only deal with experienced professionals.

Why Is PCS Finance The Market Leader

  • Management Rights Finance specialists
  • Sophisticated partnership structures (matching working and silent partners)
  • Multiple office locations for your convenience
  • Directors own management rights themselves
  • Excellent relationships with management and letting rights lenders
  • Corporate strategies for MLR operators
  • Consistent high rate of finance approvals
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