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Personal Loan Enquiry

PCS Finance had recently assisted an existing client’s son and daughter in-law along with their new baby, into their very first home property purchase.

After living in this property for 1 year, the couple unfortunately wrote off the family car and needed to replace it. Mr and Mrs Jones approached PCS Finance to see if we could assist them in obtaining car finance as they had ‘shopped around’ for Personal Loan rates and deals at other financial institutions.

As we knew the client’s financials and lending history, PCS sourced a cost effective and quicker solution than a Personal Loan. We negotiated with their existing bank and applied for a ‘top up’ on their existing home loan. This was a simple process of completing one document. The benefit to the client was sourcing finance at a lower rate, no fees and a quick turnaround time

Our clients have since recommended PCS Finance to their friends to assist them in getting their foot into the home loan market. As Mr and Mrs Jones stated to us, we saved them time, money and took some of the stress away from them.

Home Loan Refinance Enquiry

Anne and Ian contacted PCS Finance after their own bank were not able to offer them competitive rates on their existing Home Loan and business loans.

Anne & Ian were recommended to PCS Finance by their friends, who are PCS Finance clients. When we met with Anne and Ian, both were a little overwhelmed and stressed about their financial position as they had approached another bank competitor to refinance. They were only receiving negative feedback about why they can’t source finance. The main issue being the type of residential security being offered, and the bank not having the expertise in knowing the Management Rights and Home loan industry or understanding the couple’s full financial information.

PCS Finance approached several financial institutions and researched the bank’s lending guidelines and security requirements. From sourcing this information, we were then able to refinance Anne & Ian’s lending with another bank at a competitive interest rate. In addition, Anne and Ian were happy with the options they received as part of their home loan package.

By engaging PCS Finance, Anne & Ian did not have to go through the process of liaising with the bank and dealing with all the questions, as PCS managed the process from start to finish. Anne and Ian provided wonderful feedback on how they wished that all banks had more staff like PCS Finance.

Business Loan Enquiry

PCS Finance was approached by new clients Tony and Maree who owned a Management Rights business for the past 4 years. They were financed with one of the big ‘4’ banks and their lending was due to expire.

When Tony came to PCS, he was very anxious as the bank had advised changes to the terms and conditions of the loan along with an interest rate rise. The bank was also requesting amendments be made to their Management Rights Agreements, which incurred a cost that our client was not prepared for.

Their lender would not negotiate with Tony and Maree or take the time to listen to what their needs were, so Tony sought out PCS Finance for help.

With a tight timeframe, PCS Finance sourced a number of lender’s which could offer Tony and Maree competitive rates, terms and conditions which suited the client’s needs. We also took away the stress and paperwork. Tony and Maree are very happy with the outcome and can now concentrate on running their business and leave PCS look after their finance needs in the future.


Why Is PCS Finance The Market Leader

  • Management Rights Finance specialists
  • Partnership Structures
  • Multiple office locations for your convenience
  • Directors own management rights themselves
  • Excellent relationships with management and letting rights lenders
  • Corporate strategies for MLR operators
  • Consistent high rate of finance approvals
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